New Perspectives on the Way of the Cross | February 21 to March 20

Saturdays At Grace

Every Saturday night at 5pm. Saturday night Mass is without music, and is a relaxed service where folks join in from wherever they found themselves to be that day, whether in the garden, the golf course, work, or otherwise, all are welcome to join

8AM Eucharist [No Music]

Our first service on Sunday mornings and without music. This is a “Rite I” service according to the Book of Common Prayer, meaning you can expect to hear “thy” or “thine” being spoken during the service. If you are looking for a slower, quieter, expression of our timeless tradition this may be the service for you. Coffee is served after this service for folks to share in each others company and/or prepare for Sunday School lessons which begin at 9:30am for all ages.

10:30AM Eucharist

This is the principle service on Sunday for Grace Church. This is our “Rite II” service according to the Book of Common Prayer. The language used is the vernacular we are accustomed to in everyday lives. At this service we hear music from our beautiful organ and lovely choir to lead us in song.

12PM Eucharist [Spanish]

Our Noon service is offered in Spanish and follows the “Rite II” service according to the Book of Common Prayer. An opportunity to share in each other’s company follows this service as well.