St. Francis Day Pet Blessing and Reception Oct. 4th

Welcoming Environment For People of All Backgrounds

Join in as you feel comfortable. Attending a service doesn’t commit you to anything.


Holy Eucharist Schedule

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A quiet, beautiful church where the red door is always open for you to step inside, rest your worries and refresh your soul. The members are varied in age and talents but united in a genuine desire to support one another, the community and those in need in the world.

What We Believe

We don’t make things up on the fly in Episcopal worship, but rely on tried-and-true actions and words which have stood the test of time.

How We Started

After the Civil War, a small group of local ladies began to gather weekly for prayers in their homes; within a year, they had organized a self-supporting parish and constructed a wooden church at our current location, without windows, doors or heat.

Grace Church is the oldest Episcopal parish in the four states area.

Rooted in worship of the Risen Christ, we draw our understanding of His commandment to love one another from Holy Scripture, reason and tradition—and we encourage our membership actively to seek a deeper personal relationship with Christ, a relationship founded in love of God and of neighbor.

Like Episcopalians around the world, members of Grace Church hold various opinions on all sorts of matters, from politics to scriptural interpretation. It is that lively interplay of God’s personal revelation to His Church which challenges us to deeper devotion and to a stronger life in unity, not uniformity.

I've enjoyed attending this church for the past two years. It's not what I'm used to but I love the people, the energy, and the emphasis on learning.

Common Questions and Answers

You will see the gamut of clothing at Grace. “Casual Friday” wear is the most common—slacks, polo shirts, skirt sets, sundresses. “Sunday best” suits and dresses are common, as are shorts and jeans (in summer).

Sundays are generally more “formal” than weekday services. What matters is that your dress doesn’t interfere with someone else’s prayers. If your tee-shirt slogan or stunning physique is attracting more attention than God, consider different attire.

Sit wherever you feel most comfortable. May we suggest that competition is keenest for pews at the rear of the Church, leaving those great “front row seats” easier to spread out in?

Yes—9-1:30 on Sunday and 5:30-8:15 pm Wed (school year only). The nursery is located on the west side of the building, in the area closest to the red doors into the nave, and is staffed by two trained, background checked nursery workers. All parents receive a buzzer to alert them of any issues their child might be having, which is your “receipt” to pick your child up later.

The entrance from the parking lot is ramped, as is the entrance from the parish house into the Church proper. We have a fully accessible restroom near the nursery. Sunday services are amplified. Large print editions of the Book of Common Prayer are available on request.

Those words are a bit 19th century. Basically, our worship is rather traditional and we use incense on major occasions, so we’re more High Church than anything else. But we hope that the substance of our worship, and not the style, is what sticks with you.

We have yearly classes (“Inquirer’s Classes”) at 9:15 on Sundays for a few weeks before our bishop’s visitation. Please take a look at our fuller discussion on the page “A beginner’s guide to the Episcopal Church.”

During the school year, we offer Sunday school at 9:30, and Wed youth groups for 3 year olds-High School at 7:15 pm. Our acolyte program allows youth ages 3rd grade through High School to assist in worship leadership every Sunday at 10:30. Summer programs for youth are organized at a diocesan level.